Though they are the youngest DJ’s on Audible’s Roster, Arkade has wasted no time in making a name for themselves. They also represent Audible’s first duo. “We met through doing graffiti and skate boarding,” says Dylan. “Just hanging around,” adds Jordan. Dylan interjects, “Just doing shady shit,” they both laugh.

When talking to Arkade, the collaboration of Dylan Davis and Jordan Jones, you immediately feel their creative cohesion. They effortlessly banter and play off each other. It is this genuine friendship and strong musical kinship that has allowed Arkade to become one of LA nightlife’s most sought after acts. Both Dylan and Jordan are products of Los Angeles, both were drummers at an early age, and both gravitated towards LA’s diverse and ever evolving street culture. They quickly moved from DJing house parties to regular gigs at the Roxy. But performed individually at first. “We were really young,” recalls Dylan, “Maybe fifteen or sixteen, but we wanted to DJ the biggest shows for us at the time individually so we both knew that we could do it.”

That didn’t last long. “We came together after that and we got serious about it. It was better than what we were doing individually.” Arkade describes themselves as two very different guys who like all of the same things. It is the difference in personality and temperament coupled with a foundation of similar taste and vibe that makes their sets stand out. By working together they are able to constantly challenging each other’s limits and energy. “We feel like our own party when we DJ.”

That work over the last seven years has more than paid off. Arkade has played gigs all over the country from LA and Coachella to clubs all across the New York City area. They have played with the likes of T.I., Travis Scott, and Tyga. When asked if these high profile events have brought added pressure they respond, “Honestly the pressure goes down. If we feel we know their music, we can give them exactly what they’ll appreciate.” Arkade was seeking to be part of the Audible lineup for a couple of years and now that they are a fixture don’t plan on slowing down. Outside of regular gigs at Bootsy Bellows, they will be releasing their first EP this year, and hope to use DJing as a platform to tour their own music. “We don’t care if we’re playing a tiny room with ten people or one of our gigs with thousands, as long as they’re down with us and having fun.”