Balthazar Getty started DJing at 15 when famed DJ Mike Messex took him under his wing. By 16 he was already spinning at some of LA’s premier nightlife destinations. Balt also turned his focus towards music production. It is through this creative work that he is able to seamlessly blend different vibes, adding layers of versatility to every set. A night could start with Lou Reed and Tribe, and end with Drake. Balt likes to take people on a musical journey by reading his crowd and trusting his gut. It was his work as a DJ that inspired his new musical project Balt vs. Beats. Balththzar says,”…it feels like this is my time to step forward as an artist, not just the producer.” The album is set for release early next year. 

Balthazar Getty holds residencies at LA hot spots Bootsy Bellows and the Blind dragon. He has Dj’d New York Fashion Week, Bootsies @ Coachella, SXSW Super Bowl Weekend, Viper Room: Mayweather vs. Paquio, Warwick, and Art Basel.  

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