There is nothing conventional about Brian “beeFOWL” Fowler. Even a question as simple as, “Are you from LA?” gets a complex answer. “No,” he pauses, “Well no. I grew up in Ocean Side, which is an hour south of LA, attended high school in South Carolina, graduated college in Florida, then moved to Portland, but I was born in New York.” Despite the many geographic stops of his youth, for beeFOWL, music remained a constant goal. “I started playing drums when I was eight. That’s what I always wanted to do. Play drums in a rock band.” Throughout his teens and early twenties, playing in bands took him all over the states, and eventually culminated in him earning degree in the recording arts.

His compelling early life however, can be topped by his discovery of DJing. “When I moved to Los Angeles I got a lighting job at Voyeur. I had never really been in a nightclub or DJ’d before. I saw Devin Lucien and Bobby French come through and thought ‘Damn, I want to do that.’ I had keys to the venue so I started coming in and practicing during the day.” He laughs, as if knowing he just gave away a secret. But it was also more than a product of right place right time. He feels he was technically prepared for it from his time drumming, “I learned it quickly because of the drums. You have to split your brain for both. Right hand left hand, right turntable left turntable. And counting and beat matching you have to do in any band.”

BeeFOWL quickly made an impression on people in Los Angeles after opening for DJ’s like Martin Solveig, Nervo, Max Vangeli, and many of LA’s biggest names at prominent clubs like Greystone Manor and Hooray Henry’s. His love for 80's and 90's rock and early hip-hop allow him to easily play for any type of crowd. Transitioning between genres with ease is a beeFOWL staple. But his rock and punk background make his sets truly stand out. “DJ culture is really tied into hip hop. But I was raised on rock and punk. My parents played me Led Zeppelin. Or like Paul Simon and 80's stuff. So when I came into the game I would throw on a bunch of rock records and it kind of threw people off. I take a lot of risks. When I come on I like to throw a couple of different genres around and see what people are feeling. I’ve taken way to big a risk at times. But I’m not afraid to bomb and I work really well on the fly.”

His fearless and unique style has earned him gigs spinning for the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Katy Perry. DJing has also afforded him the opportunity to truly develop as an artist. He has become a world-class photographer and until recently was the lead drummer for the New Pacific. BeeFOWL has also released numerous remixes, edits, and mix tapes that have garnered attention and notoriety from some of the world’s most prominent music blogs. Because he is trusted to read the crowd in any room, he now holds residencies at some of the most exclusive venues in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. His personality behind the turntables is infectious and crowds feed off his energy. BeeFOWL believes having fun is a, “conscious choice.” That spirit, when talking to him reads as extremely honest and authentic, has also undoubtedly affected his DJing, making him a crowd favorite wherever he spins.