Cantrell was raised in Albany, Georgia and traces his roots to the rich hip-hop culture of Atlanta. At an early age, Cantrell discovered jam-skating as a creative outlet and by his teenage years he was able to turn pro as a jam skater, later joining the historical breaking crew TBB. By 12 years old Cantrell knew his "true calling was music", studying artists such as Michael Jackson, Field Mob, Outkast, Eminem, Nirvana & Jay-Z, drawing both inspiration and motivation from the legends. After high school, he accepted a scholarship to play college football. But Cantrell says of this time that he, "couldn't shake the feeling that this was not my path." After much consideration, he left to pursue a career in music and eventually won Converse's “Rubber Tracks” contest.

Not long after, Cantrell's music was discovered on Soundcloud by MiSCHiEF BOY and a collaboration soon formed that would eventually become the Stardust 2 Angels EP. The project encapsulates both the physical and emotional journey from a small southern town to the City of Angels. Stardust, Cantrell’s hometown skating rink, represents home, the place of comfort where artists are formed, and where they dream of what they could become. And Los Angeles, for so many dreamers, represents the destination, vision, and realization of their work. The physical journey from Albany to Los Angeles is a universal symbol of the risks we all must take to conquer fear in the pursuit of larger aspirations.


"Stardust 2 Angels" - Out now on Mass Appeal Records/UMG: