Devin Lucien is a native, born and raised, product of Los Angeles. His signature sound is what has made him one of the most requested and admired DJ’s in the states and around the globe. Devin grew up during the MTV era, when artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna ruled the charts. He was immersed in his parents’ music collection growing up. Their records covered everything from funk and soul to classic rock and oldies. His eclectic musical knowledge and forward taste in today’s developing music world have allowed him to easily transition from the biggest nightclubs in the world to high profile events.

Devin has been fortunate enough to play for a long list of high profile corporate clients that include the likes of Range Rover, OK Magazine, Bing, Playboy, DreamWorks, L’Oreal, Hulu and MOCA. Over the last year Devin has been called upon by Microsoft to spin at the openings of their 75 retail stores across the globe. During the Microsoft concert series, which was included in their grand opening celebrations, Devin has played a prominent role. He has had the privilege to open up for the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Clarkson, The Black Keys, Maroon 5, Flo Rida and Weezer. He has also been featured in numerous publications including Vanity Fair, Angeleno Magazine, US Weekly, OK Magazine and InTouch.

Devin was also hired by Warner Brothers as the music consultant for the feature film Project X. He helped hand select the music featured on the film’s soundtrack. The soundtrack hit #1 on iTunes in its first week after being released.